Which software should I use for my bookkeeping?

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I get asked often by small business owners which software I recommend for bookkeeping. My go to answer is QuickBooks. Most of the time I find it to be the best solution for small businesses. However, I also understand there are varying degrees of needs and levels of experience with keeping the books. So… let’s dive into a little more detail about why I choose QuickBooks.

What version should I purchase?

Most of the time my answer is QuickBooks Online. It integrates nicely with bank feeds and credit cards (including PayPal) that it makes doing your bookkeeping seamless. This way you get to spend less time in QuickBooks and more time focused on growing your business, selling, creating or whatever it is you do best.

Xero is an okay choice, I do know people using it. However, I almost always recommend QuickBooks.

Why QuickBooks?

It has add-on features like payroll, merchant services, integrates with so many other business tools and apps. Plus, it has great customer support through the phone, forums and more. Since it’s so popular it’s also usually pretty easy to find a solution to your problem. This can be a real time saver!

It can integrate with Tsheets, Expensify, Gusto, SurePayroll, PayPal, Stripe and so many more!

Which version of QuickBooks Online do I need?

At a minimum you need the Essentials level. If you have a number of different programs/products/services that you sell and you want to track the profitability of them individually, which I recommend, then you need the Plus version to do that.

Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed! If you are a struggling with how to get started or are overwhelmed by the books, I am happy to help you get started or even to take over your books completely. This will take the burden off your shoulders and free up time for you to do other important tasks for your small business.

Who is not a good fit for QuickBooks Online?

Mostly I say that everyone should be using QuickBooks Online. However, it’s not the right fit for everyone. Generally speaking construction contractors, manufacturers, or others companies with large inventory might find QuickBooks desktop a more robust solution for their needs.

If you’re just getting started and want a free software to keep your books, then Wave is a great option for you. There are add-on options that you will have to pay for if you choose to use them. However, for getting started on a budget, it’s a great option.

The last option I recommend is Freshbooks. This option is great for consultants and simple bookkeeping with invoices. Some of the features of Freshbooks include accept online credit card payments, import bank feeds, automatic payment reminders, scheduling recurring invoices, send proposals, simple time tracking and a few more. As you can see this could be a great option for your consulting business.

How do I subscribe to QuickBooks?

Here’s a link you can use for QuickBooks that will get you started. However, if you contact me, I can get you going with a 50% subscription for life! That’s right! If you reach out to me and use me for your QuickBooks bookkeeping needs, I get you 50% off the retail price for the life of your subscription. You’ll maintain access to your account and can run reports and see any details you’d like. However, I can do some upper level accounting with you and make sure your books stay in order.

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With the usual QuickBooks offering you get a discount from only a few months, before it goes back to regular price. Why not get the 50% off for life and get to utilize my bookkeeping expertise to keep your books organized. Plus, by taking bookkeeping off your hands, I enable you to focus on other priorities in your business. Win, win, right?


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