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Adventures were made for the road, not your tax return

Taxes can be fun. (Well, at least close.)

Taxes can be fun. (Well, at least close.)

Taxes may be inevitable, but they don’t need to be painful. Your life as a digital nomad is one epic adventure after another, and you don’t want to waste another minute worrying about making a costly mistake. 

You need a tax pro on your side. Someone who’s:

  • Familiar with what it takes to run a virtual business
  • Responsive, easy to work with, and judgment-free
  • Willing to dig into the tax code so you don’t have to
Tax Professional for Digital Nomads

You’ve got your business under control, but your taxes are another story.

How do you know if you’re taking all the write offs available to you? What about credits? Taxes don’t need to feel like an overwhelming mess.

All that confusion, worry, and fear that you’re making a mistake …it doesn’t have to be this way.

Tax Queen isn’t just about tax prep.

It’s a great resource for digital nomads who want to run their business with confidence.

Free Resources

What are self-employment taxes? Can you take the solar tax credit? Wondering whether your business should be an LLC or an S Corp? Find the answers to all of these questions and more in my articles, videos, and other content—all completely free.


Nomad Business Academy is a step-by-step program covering everything you need to know to run a nomadic business, from which business entity is right for you (and what a “business entity” even is) to how to navigate self-employment taxes.

Work With Me

You could save thousands of dollars a year with the right tax planning and tax prep. Relieve stress and outsource your tax prep. I keep up with the ever-changing tax laws, so you don’t have to (because you don’t have time for that!). 

Have we met?

I’m Heather Ryan, also known as the Tax Queen. (But you can just call me Heather.) 

The Tax Stuff: I’ve been an enrolled agent (EA) since 2014, which means that I’m a federally licensed tax practitioner authorized to represent taxpayers before the IRS in all 50 states. 

The Travel Stuff: My husband and I started our nomadic life in 2016, and I’ve been running my business from the road ever since. I specialize in tax prep and planning for full-time RVers, digital nomads, and other virtual business owners just like you.

The Important Stuff: My mission is to eliminate the confusion, worry, and struggle so many digital nomads feel about their taxes. It really is possible to feel secure and confident that your taxes are handled well.

The Fun Stuff: I'm a trained pastry chef turned bookkeeper and tax expert. Yes. It sounds like an odd mix, but I honestly love numbers. After all, baking is all about the numbers and the details. During my travels, I enjoy hiking, kayaking, reading, baking, and tasting craft beer or local wine.

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