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This free tax write-off checklist explains what you can deduct as a small business owner so you understand what to take as business expenses.

What I can help you with

Tax Preparation

Do you know if your taxes are in compliance? I mean 100% without a doubt sure. Staying compliant means staying up to date with the ever-changing tax laws. It also means knowing what counts as deductions and credits.

Tax Planning

I can possibly help you save thousands of dollars with tax planning. I’ll review your situation including all your income to help you with savvy tax planning. This is individualized planning so you can keep more money in your pocket.


Bookkeeping is essential to a healthy business so you can make savvy financial decisions about your company. It’s important to track revenue streams, keep a handle on expenses and so much more. Let me take the bookkeeping off your hands so you can do what you love. 

An option for every type of entrepreneur

Resources for RV Entrepreneurs

Downloads to help you navigate tax terminology and understand tax deductions as a small business owner.

Course: Finances for the RV Entrepeneur

Confidently run your business and live your dream life. A step-by-step program to help RV entrepreneurs get started with a new business or take an already established business on the road.

Work With Me 1:1

Let’s get to know one another and see how I can help you, your business, or both. I work 100% remotely so it’s all done online, via phone or video chat, and using my client portal to securely share documents.

Their Words Tell You More About Me

She has helped us turn our business tax situation around

from a client

“Heather has been our accountant for over 3 years, and in that time has completely changed how I feel about accountants. Heather is easily accessible, via email, text or phone. My former accountant took weeks to respond to a phone call. She has helped us turn our business tax situation around, providing us with expertise in the latest tax laws and exemptions.” Alowetta T. (Thin Air Web)

This informative text is a breath of fresh air!

from a reader

“This is a terrific book covering all the important tax considerations of Full Time RVers, especially those that are business owners or remote employees. There are a lot of myths and so-called experts on social media, so this informative text is a breath of fresh air! It is updated for 2018 and the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act. I definitely (and thankfully) learned a few things.” – Amazon Customer

I could have spent hours on Google searching for answers

from a student

“I could have spent hours on Google searching for answers to the various topics in this course. Having them in one place and explained in a way that made sense was invaluable. It saved me so much stress and frustration. Heather’s course was divided into sections that were easy to follow and understand. The worksheets she provided were a great way to work through the questions and issues that related to my RV life and business.” – Marcia H. (Small business owner)



I’m the “tax queen” for location-independent business owners.

As an enrolled agent (EA), I’m a federally licensed tax practitioner authorized to practice before the IRS in every state. I take the burden of finances off the shoulders of entrepreneurs, so they can focus on growing their business.

I’m an RVer myself; I’ve been on the road since September 2016 with my husband and two dogs. So far we’ve visited 38 states, 2 Canadian provinces, Baja Mexico, hiked countless miles, and explored many new places all while enjoying over 90 local breweries and wineries along the way.

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