Tax Prep, Tax Review and Tax Planning
for Digital Nomads

Never leave money on the table (or worry about a call from the IRS) again

Nearly 9 out of 10 small business owners say that working with a tax professional saves time and reduces stress.* Why not join them?

Your nomadic lifestyle is all about freedom—but you don’t always feel free. Running a business is hard, and with all the unpredictable connectivity and unexpected detours that come with life as a digital nomad, running a business from the road is even harder.

The dream of full-time travel gets drowned out by the stress, confusion, and overwhelm of running a business and its finances. You want to get out and explore, but instead you’re:

  • Staring at an expense spreadsheet wondering what counts as a deduction
  • Googling what an S corp is—and if your business should be one
  • Unsure how to file your taxes now that you’re an LLC
  • Worried about paying your quarterly taxes on time (or thinking: wait—quarterly taxes?!)

As a nomadic business owner, you already wear too many hats.
I’ll take “tax professional-in-training” off your plate.

(Yes, even if you’re just starting out or making 6 or 7 figures in revenue.)

Tax Preparation

Tax prep software, sticks-and-bricks tax pros, and most of the internet won’t understand your needs as a nomad. There are so many forms, deductions, and changing tax regulations that it’s easy to get lost—and Googling often leaves you with more questions than answers. 

Avoid costly mistakes and receive every deduction and credit you’re owed.

Starting at $375 personal 1040/ Starting at $1425 partnership or S Corp

Tax Review

Let’s review your current situation to see what’s going on. That way I can help determine how much can you contribute to retirement accounts, or you need to pay for estimated tax payments. I’ll review your situation and then we can have a call to go over things together and get your questions answered. 

Stay on track with quarterly payments and avoid surprises at tax time.

$450 one time

Tax Planning

Planning at tax time is reactive and unfortunately, not much can be done that late in the game.

Instead, why not be proactive and plan while you have time to make changes. Optimize your tax circumstances and reduce your tax bill.

Get a plan in place and a supportive pro to keep you on track.

Based on complexity

Want to work with me?

I’m proud of the work I do as an enrolled agent—but my services aren’t for everyone.

You’re an excellent fit for my tax services if:

  • You worry that you’re leaving money on the table and need professional help optimizing your annual return
  • You too overwhelmed and overworked to dive into your taxes—especially now that you’re on the road
  • You’re earning a decent income, but just thinking about filing your taxes fills you with anxiety
  • You understand your books, but you need help keeping them going (because you can’t be everywhere at once, and why not outsource the stuff you hate?)

You’re better off reading my free content if:

  • You’ve got tons of questions, but aren’t ready to hire a tax pro just yet
  • You need quick answers to some burning questions, but you’d rather do your own taxes
  • Your business is still just a twinkle in your eye, and you’re looking to build some knowledge for the future
  • You’re still in a sticks-and-bricks home and working your corporate 9-to-5

If we aren’t a good fit yet, check out my online courses via the Nomad Business Academy. You’ll find everything you need to finally take control of your business finances and manage them in a simple way.  Learn everything you need to know to run your nomadic business from the road. 

My Background is Extensive - Just Like My Travels

It’s important to hire a pro that you can rely on – especially when it comes to your business finances and taxes.

I’m a QuickBooks Online ProAdvisorEnrolled Agent with the IRSNTPI Fellow, Certified Tax Coach, and Gusto People Advisor. With my advanced certifications and extensive experience working with small businesses across the country, I can help you maximize your deductions, plan for tax time, streamline your business finances, and take advantage of the latest tax laws.

I’m also a firm believer in staying up-to-date with the latest technology and software. I’m extensively trained in QuickBooks Online and other accounting and tax software solutions, so I’m well-equipped to help you implement the latest systems and processes.

Whether you’re an individual or small business owner looking for professional guidance when filing taxes or managing finances, I’m here to help.

Working with Heather, the Tax Queen - How to get started

Step 1:

Get in touch to see if we’re a good fit. If we mesh, I’ll recommend a service package that meets your needs.

Working with Heather, the Tax Queen - How to get started

Step 2:

No printer? No problem! I’ll add you to my client portal, where we can share electronic documents securely and seamlessly. You can even upload images from your phone using a mobile app.

Working with Heather, the Tax Queen - How to get started

Step 3:

Once I’ve got all the information I need, just sit back and relax! I’m known for my speed and responsiveness.

Turn tax season into self-care season.

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