Never feel stressed or overwhelmed at tax time again.

Taxes for RV Owners Book

This book will help anyone who is preparing to travel full-time or who is already on the road. Get all of the tax information you need for life as a digital nomad.

Available in both Kindle and Paperback!

Here’s what you’ll discover inside:

Picking a domicile state

Itemize vs. Standard deductions

What to know if you rent your rv

Taxes as a freelancer

And more…

After reading this ebook, you will feel confident and knowledgable when filing your taxes. You’ll never need to worry if you’re missing out on opportunities to save yourself money.

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Heather Ryan, EA – RV Entrepreneur & Tax Specialist

As an RV Entrepreneur myself, I fully understand the pitfalls of owning a location-independent business. I support small business owners with tax preparation, tax strategy, and bookkeeping. I truly enjoy helping location-independent business owners gain financial clarity and ease the burden of finances. Your focus should be on growing the business and doing what you love not worrying about finances.

I’m an enrolled agent – federally licensed tax practitioner so I can help taxpayers in any state. To date I have filed tax returns for both personal and businesses in over 27 states.

What People are Saying

This is a great book!

Amazon Customer

“This is a great book on what to consider for one’s domicile, and the tax ramifications of that decision. And info on the new tax laws was a great bonus!”

She really lays out complicated rules in an easy-to-understand format.

Adam Nubern

As a fellow RVing CPA, Heather is spot on. She really lays out complicated rules in an easy-to-understand format. Thanks for putting this out into the world to help folks, Heather!”

This informative text is a breath of fresh air!

Amazon Customer

“This is a terrific book covering all the important tax considerations of Full Time RVers, especially those that are business owners or remote employees. There are a lot of myths and so-called experts on social media, so this informative text is a breath of fresh air! It is updated for 2018 and the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act. I definitely (and thankfully) learned a few things.”

I learned SO. MUCH. from Heather’s book.

Alyssa Padgett

“I’ve been running my own business while traveling for nearly four years and I learned SO. MUCH. from Heather’s book. She covers all the basics of starting your business and weighs the pros and cons on how to register your business legally. If you’re looking for tactical advice on how to form and file your business, you have to read this book.”