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Step 1 Complete! Now you’ve got access to the 5 Biggest Financial Mistakes Digital Nomads Make. Get started by watching the video (included above) and click the green button to download your own copy of the book.

This should take less than 15 minutes to watch. When you are done, you will know about the most common mistakes to avoid. This is important information so you can get on the right track.

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There is still so much more I would like to share with you. So, let me tell you about Nomad Business Academycourses specifically for digital nomads business owners.

Nomad Business Academy is a bundle of courses (you can pick and choose one or buy them all) created to help current and aspiring virtual business owners become more organized financially and tax-savvy.

Courses include walking you through all of the necessary knowledge and steps to take you from overwhelmed to up and running with ease. This includes knowing what deductions you can take, how to set up record keeping processes to actually track your finances and know the financial health of your business. Yes. You should be making a profit! Run your business with 100% confidence that you’re managing the finances (income, expenses, and tax obligations) properly.

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✔️ Feel confident about your business’s finances and be free from the disorganization and procrastination that is holding you back.

✔️ Create a work-and-play balance where your money is no longer something that you worry about but instead, it takes you where you want to go!

✔️ Be educated and guided by a tax expert (yes, that’s me). I geek out about this stuff so you don’t have to. My courses are designed to relieve stress and give you clarity in an area that many entrepreneurs tend to misunderstand.

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