» » » Taxes for RV Owners: What every nomad should know

Taxes for RV Owners: What every nomad should know


Whether you are just hitting the road as a digital nomad or a seasoned travel, there is much to learn. This books helps you navigate terms, deductions and credits by making it easier for you to understand your tax obligations. It is updated to include a glossary, FAQs and a whole chapter on the 2018 updates and the Qualified Business Income Deduction.


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Taxes for RVers covers topics such as domicile, travel expenses, owning an RV rental business, solar credits, filing in multiple states and more. With over 100 pages of valuable information to help any RVers understand tax deductions for a personal and business tax return.

Do you live full-time in an RV? Do you travel as a digital nomad? This book is for you!

It discusses topics relevant to full-time RV Owners and explains terms so you can know what to keep track of and what’s important.

If you live on the road and own a small business, it can help you too! It goes into detail about taking small business deductions like internet, phone, travel expenses and more.

Taves for RVers covers all the most important topics for today’s digital nomads including the updated Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.


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