Finances for the RV Entrepreneur

A step-by-step program to help RV Entrepreneurs get started with a new business or take an already established business on the road

Breeze through setting up your business, understanding the books and taxes

Are you confused about how to set up your business as an RV entrepreneur?

Does thinking about self-employment taxes make your head spin?

Do you know which expenses you should be tracking and which ones qualify as write-offs?

Do you ignore figuring out taxes because it seems too complicated and overwhelms you?

Do you spend too much time searching for answers to your bookkeeping questions?

If you answered yes to any of those – or simply nodded along in agreement, Finances for the RV Entrepreneur is what you need to solve your problems!

Who Will Benefit from Finances for the RV Entrepreneur?

This IS for you if:

  • You are struggling with where and how to start your business.
  • You’re planning to start a new business and want to start off on the right foot, not wait until it’s too late.
  • You plan on becoming or are already a freelancer and want to know how to organize your finances.
  • You’re already running a business and want to get financially organized.
  • You have a service-based business and want to learn how to keep track of income and expenses. Plus, you’d like to know what counts as a business write-off.
  • You’re a digital nomad, traveler, solopreneur, RV entrepreneur, freelancer or other similar lifestyle choice and want to understand business income and deductions as a nomad.

This ISN’T for you if:

  • You’re already a highly successful business owner with enough income to hire a bookkeeper and tax professional – outsourcing is good!
  • You have a more complicated business like a manufacturer or have a more complicated business structure.
  • Your business is based outside the US and you are not a US citizen. This course only applies to US tax code and US taxpayers.

About the instructor

Finances for the RV Entrepreneur Course

Heather Ryan, EA is the owner of Tax Queen, a tax and bookkeeping firm focused on helping digital nomads, RV entrepreneurs, and location-independent businesses. With over 15 years of experience in bookkeeping and taxes, she takes the burden of finances off the shoulders of entrepreneurs, so they can focus on growing their business.

She has earned the status of Enrolled Agent (EA). Enrolled agents are federally licensed tax practitioners who are authorized to practice before the IRS and are known as America’s tax experts. Heather has been a full-time RVer since September 2016 with her husband and two dogs so she understands the RV lifestyle.

This course will cover the following:

  • Understanding business structure – sole proprietor, partnership, S corp, LLC
  • Registering your business
  • Business bank accounts and why you should have them
  • Categorizing income properly
  • Choosing a bookkeeping software
  • Organizing receipts and keeping good records
  • Tracking money from multiple income streams
  • Keeping track of mileage
  • Taking travel expenses as a business deduction
  • Which expenses are legitimate business write-offs
  • Deeper dive into deductions such as home office, phone, internet, depreciation
  • Working with contractors and your responsibilities tax-wise
  • Being a contractor and your tax obligations
  • Paying yourself as a sole proprietor, partner or S corp owner
  • Understanding sales tax
  • Understanding self-employment taxes
  • How to calculate self-employment taxes
  • How to pay self-employment taxes
  • Understanding income tax vs. self-employment tax
  • Health Insurance deduction as a self-employed individual
  • Retirement saving options for the self-employed

What past students say:

I could have spent hours on Google searching for answers to the various topics in this course. Having them in one place and explained in a way that made sense was invaluable. It saved me so much stress and frustration. Heather’s course was divided into sections that were easy to follow and understand. The worksheets she provided were a great way to work through the questions and issues that related to my RV life and business.
Marcia H.
Finances for the RV Entrepreneur is a wonderful resource that covers the basics of running a business on the road. The course covers information that is crucial at each step in getting a business started and maintaining it. The course dives into details on expenses and taxes that most people don’t think about, but do become some of the most important details to run a business successfully. Not only does the course have great information, but Heather is a fantastic resource always willing to help with questions. I recommend this course to anyone trying to start a business on the road!
Kim B.
Mammoth Wool
I paired the course with the Tax Queen’s latest eBook. The bundle is far more than a course…it is a toolbox. The worksheets included in the course will help me launch my new business in 2020. If you are launching or re-branding a business, I highly recommend this course. It will ensure that you start on the right foot
Kim C.
Writer & Independent Contractor
Finances for the RV Entrepreneur is a great course for anyone looking to start a business from the road! Whether you’re about to start full-timing and own a business, or perhaps you’re already a full-timer and want to start a business, this course will provide all of the basics you need to know. Highly recommended!
Heather D.
Denning Bookkeeping Solutions

Why Should You Pay for This Information?

With over 23 videos and explanations, this course covers all the basics of business finance with an emphasis on nomadic businesses. There are worksheets and spreadsheets in each lesson to walk you through the steps as well as help with calculations. By the end of the course, you’ll understand how to register your business, stay organized with expenses and income and keep on top of your tax obligations.

Because all the information you need is in ONE PLACE. No need to research and spend hours of time finding the answer to one question. Time is valuable. Every minute you spend researching the answer to a question is the time you could have spent working on your business instead.

You also don’t know if the answers you’ll find on the web will be correct. As an expert in my field, I’m providing you with accurate information from my personal knowledge and experience in the tax and financial industry.

Who doesn’t want an organized, simple answer to your finance and tax questions regarding your nomadic business?

This course also includes:

Access to a private Facebook group for all members of the course to ask questions. As long as the group remains on Facebook, you will retain access. There is no expiration where you will get kicked out of the group so you can continue to ask questions and engage with others.

Cost $197 or with group coaching $497

Buying this course for $197 gets you:

  • 6 Lessons each broken down to cover specific topics
  • Over 23 videos
  • Worksheets which guide you through the lessons
  • A glossary sheet to reference
  • Spreadsheets to use to help organize your business, track mileage, and more
  • Calculator to determine self-employment tax savings between S corp and sole proprietor
  • Calculator to help determine your pay, tax savings, and reinvestment as a sole proprietor
  • A private Facebook group to ask questions and get support from fellow students as well as the instructor
  • Lifetime access to the course including updates for the tax code
  • OPTIONAL: For $497 you get Group Coaching – 6 weeks of accountability, encouragement, and direct responses to your questions on the calls.


This course is for small business owners with an emphasis on nomadic businesses. If you fit this category, then it should provide value to you.
This course is self-guided. You get access to all the lessons from day one. It’s your choice how quickly you complete the lessons.
I suggest you complete one lesson a week so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Plus, this will allow you to commit the same amount of time each week to the lesson and corresponding worksheet.
This is a self-paced course, which means you can work the course around your time needs and lifestyle. If you feel a lesson is a review for you, I suggest you still complete it. You might learn something new on the topic. Also, I do recommend you go in order since the lessons build on themselves.
You have lifetime access to the course. Yup. That means forever.
It is all online. You will have videos to watch, spreadsheets to keep and worksheets to download. Whether you choose to print the worksheets or use them electronically is up to you. You don’t even need a printer if you fill the worksheets out electronically.
This course includes quite a few calculators and worksheets using Google Sheets. This is free software available to all.
This is the perfect fit for you! You can follow the guidelines in the course to get you up and running in no time. This course will help you get organized and registered from the beginning. Plus, you’ll have your finances in order and understand your tax obligations from the start. It’s never too early to get organized.
Yes. In regards to taxes, this course is up-to-date to reflect the latest tax laws in the USA.
Yes. There is a private Facebook group you can join to get support throughout the course. That’s the place to ask questions and get help from your instructor.

If you buy the coaching option, you get 6 Zoom group coaching calls for support, accountability, and direct answers to all your questions.